Which Smartwatch is the best fit for you?


There were times when the only way to keep track of time outside the home was to take a watch on a chain out of their inside pocket, something that most people would no longer be able to imagine. The idea that you now wear a watch on your wrist with which you can also read your messages, navigation, and even your heart rate, was for people then probably an even more unimaginable idea. And even now, it is sometimes difficult to realize: the many uses of a smartwatch.

What is a smartwatch?

As the name actually gives away, a “smartwatch” is a smartwatch. This “smart” means that the device is capable of more than a regular watch; in other words, you can do much more with it than just keep an eye on the time.

Those of you who wear smartwatches instead of a regular watch will be able to explain to you in words why you think the smartwatch is so great. However, in this article we will not only focus on what a smartwatch is but also what the best smartwatch is for you, should you be interested in it.

How does the smartwatch work?

Smartwatches are electronic devices that you can pair with your phone. With most smartwatches, you do this using Bluetooth. When your phone is paired with your smartwatch, you will now receive many of the notifications you receive on your phone on your smartwatch. Think WhatsApp messages, calendar items, or social media notifications.

Why is this useful? Well, it allows you to keep your phone on the charger or in your pocket if you still want to see who has your message. For example, are you walking through the city and your phone is hidden somewhere in the depths of your pocket or purse? Then you can quickly check on your smartwatch to see if your notification is important.

Who is a smartwatch for?

A smartwatch is actually useful for countless people, partly because you can use it for so many purposes. For example, the device is ideal for anyone who likes to stay on top of notifications without having to reach for his or her phone all the time. Those who often like to keep their phone in one fixed place or always lose it: you know who you are. A smartwatch could be the perfect solution.

However, the best smartwatches are also often sold to people who like to exercise or who need to keep a close eye on their health. After all, with your smartwatch, you can use multiple sports programs and even monitor your heart rate or sleep rhythm. Counting your steps or tracking your calories is also possible with this handy device.

People who find the smartwatch extremely useful are those whose jobs require them to use their phones a lot, for example, to plan appointments or answer e-mails. Those who do not want to constantly walk around with their phone in their hand, or perhaps even attend a meeting, can check with a quick glance at the smartwatch whether the notification you receive is important, without disrupting the meeting.

Which smartwatch is right for me?

You may fall under one of the above groups of smartwatch users, but perhaps you can’t find yourself in this group at all, but you are very interested in your own smartwatch. That is very well possible! But which smartwatch is the best smartwatch for you?

To answer this question, it is important to pay attention to different aspects. After all, no smartwatch is the same. For example, you can look at the different features that each smartwatch offers, but it is also significant to find out which smartwatch can be paired with your phone.

Which smartwatch model is the best smartwatch?

There are many types of smartwatches. Therefore, when you want to find out which smartwatch is the best smartwatch for you, you must know what points to look out for. Some aspects are more personal, like the design, but there are also things that are incredibly important, like the compatibility with your phone.

Brand and operating system

The most important thing is that your smartwatch can be paired with your phone. For example, if you have a Samsung phone, then a Samsung smartwatch is the best to purchase. However, there are also smartwatches that can be connected to multiple brands of phones. This is because some phones work with the same system.

Even more important than the brand, therefore, is the operating system of your phone. When buying your smartwatch you should always find out what operating system the model requires. If in doubt, you can always ask the provider.

Would you prefer a smartwatch that does not need to be connected to a phone? This is also possible because some smartwatches work without being connected. For this, you need to purchase a special SIM card that you can put in your smartwatch and provide it with internet and extra memory.


Furthermore, it is also important to know which smartwatches are water-resistant, and what different options you can find in this as well. For example, some smartwatches are “rain-water resistant
. This means that he can withstand the splashes you get while cycling through the rain.

On the other hand, you also have smartwatches with very high water resistance. These are ideal for water sports enthusiasts or water hobbyists. Think about water polo, snorkeling, diving, or swimming. With these models, you don’t have to worry about the wet activities you perform: your smartwatch will survive!

Features and design

Once you know what brand, operating system, and water resistance you need for your smartwatches, it’s time to look at what most users like most: how pretty it looks and what you can do with it! Note that the previously mentioned points are the most important.

So for example, do you need Samsung as the brand for your smartwatch, with a certain operating system and high water resistance? Make sure these are the first things you look at when buying your smartwatch. Do you see a smartwatch that you like better and offers access to a certain application, but otherwise does not meet the above requirements? Then it might be advisable to look further.

That said, water resistance is not necessary for everyone! For example, have you always been careful with devices and water? Then you do not need to pay attention to this, and you can focus more on what it can do and how it looks.


For some users, the various features are incredibly important; for example, athletes will be looking at very different features than business owners. Although most smartwatches have almost the same functions, it is always critical to pay attention to this. Because when it comes to the features of your smartwatch, there are choices too!

Just a few of the many options that smartwatches can have are playing music, tracking health data, receiving calls and there is even an app that allows you to find your phone back! It is therefore important in your search for the best smartwatch to look at what the smartwatch offers, and above all what you need. For example, do you necessarily want an emergency function that allows you to share your location and call a preset phone number at the push of a button? Then look at the list of functions to see if it is among them.


Now we come to the more personal part. Because what do you like about a smartwatch? Do you prefer colors or other fun frills? Are you aware of what smartwatch ladies usually order, and to what extent this differs from the kind of smartwatch men like? Maybe you prefer unisex! There are many options when it comes to design, so take a good look at what your budget will allow you and what designs the different brands all have.

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of a smartwatch?

Now that you’ve read all about smartwatches, it’s almost time to make a choice about whether a smartwatch is for you and if so, which smartwatch this should be. To help you make this choice, we will briefly mention the main advantages and disadvantages. Go through them carefully and take them all into consideration.


  • You don’t always have to grab your phone
  • Keep track of your notifications, appointments and messages at a glance
  • Ability to connect to other devices, such as a speaker
  • Always at hand
  • Also features for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers (e.g. longer battery life and better navigation)
  • The many features allow you to buy a model that suits you as much as possible
  • Activity trackers can keep you updated on things like heart rate and sleep


  • Phone needs to be near your smartwatch for optimal use, such as receiving notifications
  • Some smartwatches can be on the pricey side

Conclusion: what is the best smartwatch?

In the end, only one can decide which smartwatch suits you best, and that’s you. At least you are now aware of what the device is, can do, and in what situations they can be useful. The rest depends on you. After all, the days of old pocket watches are over, and now it’s time for you to decide if you’re ready for a smartwatch.


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