How long should a laptop battery last?

How long should a laptop battery last?

Basically, a personal computer has a limited life, but in the case of a laptop computer, it is necessary to pay attention to the battery life. When the battery reaches the end of its life, it must be replaced with a new one.

The battery life of a laptop is about two years.

We have probably asked ourselves this very question. Most especially when we just get a new laptop. How long would it last? When next would I have to get a replacement for it? How long would a new one last? In this post, I’d be telling you guys all you need to know about laptop battery life span.

Laptop battery life and symptoms when it reaches the end of its life

There are some errors depending on how you use it, but since the battery is a consumable item, it will eventually reach the end of its life.

When your laptop battery reaches the end of its life, you will experience the following symptoms:

・ Battery drains quickly

・ Battery runs out as soon as the power is removed

If the battery life is getting shorter after it is fully charged, suspect the battery life.

How to check the battery life of a laptop computer

Basically, the battery life of a laptop computer can be detected on a daily basis.

If the battery has a long life, it will not run out as soon as it is fully charged.

The sign of life is when the battery drains faster than when you purchased your laptop.

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If you want to check the life accurately

You can check the life of your laptop using the software.

There is various free software, so why not try it?

 How to check the battery life of a laptop computer with software

When checking the life of a laptop computer using software, the operation method differs depending on each software.

・ Design capacity

・ Full capacity

In the case of “Yuryu’s Battery information”, there are “design capacity” and “full capacity” in the item “capacity”, and you can find out the battery life just by comparing the numbers here.

When the laptop battery is fully charged and measured, if the full capacity does not reach the designed capacity, it means that it has deteriorated.

How to extend the battery life of your laptop

Currently, lithium-ion batteries used in many personal computers and smartphones use a positive electrode (+) that uses lithium metal oxide and a carbon material called graphite for the lithium ions in the electrolyte inside the battery. Power is charged and discharged by moving back and forth between the negative electrodes (-) by a chemical reaction. As the battery deteriorates, the amount of ions that can undergo this chemical change decreases, so the amount of power that can be stored also decreases.

Battery deterioration can be classified into two types: “cycle deterioration,” which deteriorates due to repeated discharging and charging, and “preservation deterioration,” which deteriorates depending on usage and environment. Preservation deterioration can be prevented depending on how the battery is used on a daily basis.

There is no way to prevent cycle deterioration other than reducing the number of charges. The number of times the battery is charged is not the number of times it is actually charged but is counted as one when 100% of the battery is charged. Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries, which were often used before, lithium-ion batteries do not have the symptom of “memory effect,” which tends to deteriorate if charging is repeated with the remaining amount remaining. Therefore, current personal computers and smartphones may be recharged.

You can extend the battery life of your laptop with a little ingenuity.

・ Remove the power cable after charging

・ Remove the power supply when not using the computer

・ Do not charge frequently

・ Avoid hot places

In general, many people leave the power cable plugged in even though the battery is 100% charged, but this will accelerate the deterioration of the battery and should be avoided.

By changing the daily charging method and usage environment, storage deterioration can be avoided. Keeping the battery fully charged or over-discharged makes it difficult for chemical reactions to occur, which is not good for the battery. Therefore, pay attention to the remaining battery level and try to use it so that the remaining battery level is in the range of 20 to 80%. Although the continuous use time is shortened, if it is used within this range, storage deterioration during that period can be reduced even if the number of charges is the same.

Also, avoid using the power adapter with the power adapter plugged in, as the battery will always stay at 100%. To stop charging the battery at 80%, unplug the power adapter cable at that time. Depending on the computer, some models have a utility that stops charging at the specified remaining amount, so I would like to utilize it.

Also, be sure to unplug the power cable when you’re not using your laptop.

Leaving the battery unused for a long period of time also shortens the battery life. If you do not use your laptop for more than a month, leave about 50% of the battery remaining and remove it.

How to charge the battery

The ideal charging method for laptop battery charging depends on the type of battery.

・ Lithium-ion battery: Charges up to about 80% with about 20% remaining

・ Nickel battery: Use up to 0% and charge up to about 80%

It is easier to extend the life of both batteries if you do not fully charge them and set the target at about 80%.

Reducing power consumption also leads to life extension

Being aware of reducing power consumption, such as the brightness of the laptop screen, will also extend the life of the battery.

Simply put, the more you use your laptop, the shorter the battery life, so unplug the power cable and shut it down when you’re not using it.


Laptop batteries deteriorate faster when fully charged or when the power cable is always connected.

Also, if you continue to use your laptop computer in a high-temperature environment, it will deteriorate faster as well, so please refer to the battery life extension method introduced this time and devise a way to use it.

Battery life is easy to understand and can be measured with software, so try to replace it with a new battery when it reaches the end of its life.

Generally, it is said that if you charge the battery about 500 times, the battery will deteriorate to about half the performance when you purchased the computer.

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